Copenhagen, Denmark
Coffee Roastery
& Bakery
Coffee Roastery
& Bakery
Copenhagen, Denmark

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    250 g - 99,00 kr
    1 kg - 329,00 kr
  • Eduardo Cabrera - Finca San Jose del Lago
    109,00 kr
  • Idido
    149,00 kr
  • Evin Joel Moreno - Finca la Montañita
    149,00 kr

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Andersen & Maillard is made up of exceptional coffee connoisseurs, baking enthusiasts, and highly-skilled customer service professionals.

Head Baker, Asger Hansen - part of Denmark’s national baking team that won bronze in the 2019 La Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie - creates modern interpretations of classic Danish pastries.


“We start our day at 3am to make sure yours begins the way it should - with the perfect coffee and croissant”