Dafne & Damaris Gallardo Geisha
Dafne & Damaris Gallardo Geisha

PANAMA | Jurutungo, Chiriqui

| Geisha | Natural |

Jasmine flower, Strawberry, Pine cone jam, Complex

The two sisters Dafne and Damaris Gallardo have been managing the Las Gallardo family farm for more than 20 years, cultivating coffee in an environment particularly well-suited to its production.

The 30-hectare farm is located in the high-altitude Juruntugo terroir, within the region of Chiriqui.
The area borders Costa Rica and o
ffers contrasting panoramas of forest mountains and cliffs. This region benefits from a pleasant climate and rich volcanic soils.

Dafne and Damaris produce mainly washed processed catuai and caturra varieties, but this micro lot comes exclusively from their Geisha trees.

The geisha variety was originally collected from coffee forests in Ethiopia in the 1930s. It was distributed throughout Panama via CATIE in the 1960s after it had been recognized for its tolerance to coffee leaf rust. However, the plant's branches were brittle, the yield was low, and not favored by farmers so it was not widely planted. The varietal gained prominence after 2005 when the Peterson family of Boquete, Panama, entered it into the "Best of Panama" competition and auction. It was then recognized for its excellent floral and fruit-forward cup quality, and broke the then-record for green coffee auction prices, selling for over $20/pound.

After harvest, the cherries are dried on raised beds to achieve optimum humidity and therefore a higher quality cup.

The premium varietal and natural processing result in a coffee that is complex, with jasmine flower aroma, strawberry and pine cone jam flavor and sweetness.

We recommend this exceptional coffee for pour over and single-serve filter coffee.

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