Chevere - Cauca - Field blend - Decaf
Chevere - Cauca - Field blend - Decaf


Field blend, washed, ethyl-acetate decaffeinated

Molasses, caramel, malt syrup, chocolate

ASCAFE is an association that represents 3700 small coffee producers. The goal of this association is to share and promote good and respectful agricultural practices. To change the productivist agricultural model for a more sustainable and respectful to the land model.

By sharing knowledge, coffee farmers are able to produce higher quality coffee while maintaining a good yield and therefore increase their revenue and profit.

The Cauca region is located in the southwest of Colombia. Home to around 94000 coffee-producing families, it is the second major coffee-producing region in the country. The average farm is less than 3 hectares, with less than 1 hectare cultivated with coffee.

Thanks to particular environmental conditions (high plateau, stable climate, and volcanic soil) coffee from the Cauca region was awarded a Denomination of Origin in 2011.

This coffee is dominated by caramel and molasses flavor, with some malt syrup and dark chocolate aftertaste.

We recommend using this coffee for espresso based milk drinks.

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